Dry Bulk Handling




PARSON dry bulk system gone through details engineering for each ship building project, each  vessel are carefully computed on the air pressure, pipe sizes, bending radius , tank shape and sizes. PARSON computation are supported by 30 years ship building engineering, major institution R&D simulation and marine associations.


From tank design, flow dynamic to man machine interface, each vessel to PARSON engineering team is unique and require detail engineering to ensure maximum efficiency by minimising pressure  losses due to poor component mixed and matching and inefficient piping design.


Component selection in PARSON are based on efficiency and parts availability. Each of the equipment and components selected must be replaceable with alternative makers and parts shall be available internationally. These, ensure undisruptive operation.


In PARSON, we believe in product quality and the integrity of the overall functionality of the bulk system flow.











PARSON adopted the most advance air compressor and drying components available in the market. The compressed air is the driven resource of the Dry Bulk Handling System. To avoid cargo moisture, PARSON compressed air must be firstly dried up by means of air dryer and cooler before discharging into the pipeline.



·Compact, portable for limited space
·Marine built purposed. Seawater cooling and vibration
 resistance provides high reliability
·Stable and reliable for long and continuous operation
·Low working life with low maintenance cost
·Global service network



PARSON designs the bulk tanks according to client’s requirement. Engineering takes special care of the material used, space management and pipeline arrangement to achieve optimum safe and effective loading and unloading operation.


Inside each bulk tank, the tank is fitted with PARSON special designed fluidization device which provide the best powder cargo to compressed air ratio which provide a effective  cargo discharge with minimum cargo remains. PARSON has proven to exceed all design standards and has one of the most efficient and effective system in the world.




PARSO integrates the function of Cyclone Dust Extracting, Filtering and Circulation Cleaning functions. The new design provides effective filtration and recycles cargo dust without additional space required.


The patented design meets international clean design standards using advance dust extracting and filtering technology and devices and has contributed greatly to the protection of air and marine environment.




PARSON has one of the clearest and most simplified designs in the world which provide the client’s operation demands. Other systems such as Liquid Mud, Brine handling system can also be integrated into the control panel.


·Different systems available:
·MIMIC Panel
·PLC + Touch Screen
·Integration of control panel into ship entire control system
·Any combination of the above